Design Process - Discovery

‘It’s so simple and intuitive, I picked it up straight away’.​

Design Process

Now we will walk you through the Wrappyr design process, so you too can create your own Custom IKEA Furniture Wrap. Whether you want to use Wrappyr’s themes or design your own Furniture Wrap, it is up to you.

​Whether you want to spend five minutes or five hours designing, once again, it is up to you. We hope you enjoy your experience with Wrappyr and reinvigorate your IKEA furniture with your personalized IKEA Furniture Wrap.

Begin this fun process by simply clicking ‘Start Your Design’. This kicks off Wrappyr’s simple ‘Discovery’ phase.

‘It’s all about the personal touch, my kids loved it’.

Tell Us About Your Furniture

The ‘Discovery’ process begins by asking you to pick your IKEA Furniture Group whether it be a MALM Chest of Drawers or a BILLY Bookcase etc.  You have a choice of all the most popular IKEA furniture (we are adding more all the time).

You will be then asked the specific Furniture Item you wish to design for. Then click the ‘Start Design’ button and watch as we magically prepare your IKEA furniture, so you can start designing to your hearts content.  

Wrappyr - Design Process

‘Designing was easy, I felt like a real graphic designer’.

Design To Your Hearts Content

Your Custom IKEA Furniture Wrap for your chosen IKEA furniture is presented in front of you.  The templates are displayed in two dimensions, so you can easily see how your Furniture Wrap will come together on the different components of the Furniture Item.

You can decide to remove any part of the furniture from your order and the price, in the top right-hand corner, reflects this reduced price immediately. We have no minimum order size. You can order one item for your Furniture Wrap if you like. Maybe you want a chessboard cover for your LACK table, or you just want a beautiful design on the front of your MALM chest of drawers. It’s all in your hands.

Now to the fun part: customising your IKEA Furniture Wrap. You can edit each separate furniture component that you have to have it exactly as you like. You can change the Furniture Wallpaper to any colour you desire as well as choose from our graphic library, or upload your own images, to add that personal touch.  There is no extra cost for making cool Furniture Wraps so customize away.  We have too many features to mention them all here so jump on board and learn more about custom designing with Wrappyr. 

If you want to see the library of images available with Wrappyr’s then click to add an image and enter ‘Wrappyr’ into the search bar and you will see hundreds of images ready to use.

Please watch our tutorial videos .

‘I really loved the children’s themes’


Once you’ve made it through the ‘Discovery’ process, it is possible to see all Wrappyr’s predesigned themes by clicking on the ‘Theme’ button in the top right. If you see a predesigned theme that you would like, simply select it and it will be applied to your furniture item. At any point in time, you can always edit the design yourself to customize your Furniture Wrap.

Wrappyr Themes - Design Process
Design Process - Proof & Pay - Wrappyr

‘I love the free delivery’.

Proof Your Furniture Wrap & Pay

You can spend one minute or one month designing your IKEA Furniture Wrap. You can come back as often as you like to edit your saved Furniture Wrap. When you have finally completed your Furniture Wrap, click ‘Checkout’ and then there is a final review of your order to ensure you are happy with your Furniture Wrap.

After you have made your selections fill in your shipping details, so we know where to ship your order, and click ‘Place Order’. You then simply need to fill in your card details or click the Paypal button.  Wrappyr will indicate how long delivery will take when you order. To be clear, this is the time it takes from when you place your order to when you receive your order. It is not the time until we print the order or the time from print to posting or from posting till delivery.

Directly after placing your order with Wrappyr we will send you an email with your Furniture Wrap order information. You can also share your Furniture Wrap design with the world (your friends at least).  Make them jealous with your unique designs. Please share this to your friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.