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‘I love the finish on the material’


Wrappyr have sourced the ideal material for your furniture. We have carried out extensive research into available materials. We have tested a large range of these materials considering print quality, texture, adhesion, and application to IKEA furniture. Wrappyr’s chosen material is of the highest quality, can be applied with ease, and will look amazing on all IKEA furniture.

‘It is so simple to apply. Love it’


Before you apply your IKEA Furniture Wrap make sure the furniture surfaces are clean and dry. Your IKEA Furniture Wrap may arrive in a large flat envelope or they will come in a special rigid tube. If they are in a tube, make sure you unroll them and place under some heavy books or objects for 12 - 24 hours to flatten them out.

To apply, position your Furniture Wrap exactly on to the corner of the furniture and partially remove the back of the Furniture Wrap. Start at the top and make strokes left to right to remove air bubbles. If you are not happy, just slowly remove the Furniture Wrap and start again.

Please check out the detailed video in the Tutorial Video section (include link).

Materials & Application - Wrappyr


If you need to remove the Furniture Wrap, this should be done slowly, carefully and smoothly; this will leave no residue and the original furniture finish intact. If removing a Furniture Wrap ensure the furniture is secure and be very careful not to apply too much force that might cause the furniture to topple over. Wrappyr have taken the utmost care to ensure that the IKEA Furniture Wrap is fit for purpose and we are sure you will be delighted with the result.